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Responsible Purchasing Policy

1.1 Commitment by the management

Brooks Bros is committed to procuring timber and timber-products from legal and, where possible, well-managed forests that are certified according to credible certification standards or are from post-consumer recycled materials. 

As a cornerstone of that commitment, we will adhere to the Timber Trade Federation’s (TTF) Environmental Code of Practice and pursue a Responsible Sourcing Programme to promote the use and marketing of legal and environmentally responsible forest products.

1.2 Continuous improvement
We commit to continuously improve the sustainability level of our sourcing by favouring stricter and more credible certification and verification standards and sourcing requirements. We are committed to avoiding sourcing from unknown or unsustainable sources.

1.3 Certification

Where possible, we are committed to procuring wood products that have been certified against credible, internationally recognised standards for good forest management to ensure that the material originates from a well-managed forest.

In line with the UK Government’s Central Point of Expertise in Timber (CPET) approved schemes, we preference products certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Where this is not possible, we seek to purchase legally verified products, including Rainforest Alliance Verified Legal Compliance (VLC), NEPCon LegalSource, Bureau Veritas Timber Legality Origin (OLB), SGS Timber Legality & Traceability Verification (TLTV).

1.4 Legality

We are committed to sourcing only material that is produced, processed and traded according to applicable legislation and will seek evidence of compliance from suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the laws of their country.

1.5 Social responsibility
We are committed to avoid engaging in or benefitting from controversial business practices. This includes, but is not limited to, providing a safe and healthy working environment and avoiding forced labour, child labour and discrimination. If we become aware of such issues in our organisation or any of our suppliers, we are committed to taking appropriate mitigation steps.

1.6 Environmental responsibility

We are committed to promoting responsible stewardship of the environment and its natural resources. We are committed to lessening the impact on the environment caused by our own activities or those activities carried out by our suppliers and sub-suppliers. All timber species and sources used in the development are not listed on any of the CITES appendices for endangered or threatened species.

1.7 Supply chain management and information

We will ensure that information about suppliers and sources of material are evaluated and the necessary information is collected to enable effective risk assessment.

1.8 Risk assessment and mitigation

We will assess our timber and timber product supply chains to evaluate the risk of the material being illegally produced, processed and traded. Where risks are identified and cannot be classified as negligible, we will carry out appropriate risk mitigating actions. This information will be made available on request to independent verifiers.

1.9 Monitoring and verification

We will carry out applicable monitoring of internal systems and procedures. Access, as necessary, will also be given to external audits to verify whether relevant systems are in place and are being subsequently implemented.

1.10 Review and adaptation of policy

We will ensure that this policy and related documents are periodically reviewed and appropriately revised. We are committed to working with NGOs, governments and trade organisations to improve our purchasing policy.

1.11 Communication to stakeholders

This Policy will be made publicly available and will be communicated to suppliers and interested parties.



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