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BROOKS BROS PACK SALES is a further example of Brooks Bros’ ‘passion for timber’.

Operated by experienced senior personnel BROOKS BROS PACK SALES is committed and dedicated to serving the UK bulk hardwood sales market.

With large volumes of landed stocks kept at strategic locations around the UK BROOKS BROS PACK SALES offer “best stocks” at “best prices” to its bulk hardwood customers.

And, because it’s a separate sales division within Brooks Bros (UK) Ltd, it isn’t burdened by the on costs associated with a large multi-site company, which means BROOKS BROS PACK SALES can offer very competitive pricing.

Choose between Kebony Clear or Kebony Character. Both have a deep brown colour that will turn into a silver/grey patina over time. The speed of this greying process depends on the intensity of exposure to sun and rain.
Brooks bros pack sales

PACK SALES North, Midlands and Ireland

Robbie Gebhardt
Phone: 01695 553 701


Alan Hudson
Mobile: 01621 877408
General Sales
Phone: 01621 877400

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