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As further evidence of its commitment to offering customers the very best, Brooks Bros has ‘partnered’ with Florian Legno to supply their 100% FSC® Super Prime American Black Walnut (FSC® Plantation Juglans Nigra) into the UK.

Ripped after steaming and kilning to enhance the quality and shape and improve the yield.

Black Walnut – Super Prime

So, why Super Prime Black Walnut?

The Super Prime Black Walnut forests of Eastern Europe have been plantation grown ensuring adequate spacing between trees to produce wider straighter logs, which have then been managed, thinned and pruned (removing the lower branches) to reduce the number and size of knots in the log.

black walnut kitchen
black walnut floor


1. Super Prime

27mm & 33mm thickness boards: Predominantly knot free Front face minimum 90% clear | Back face minimum 70% clear 40mm, 52mm, 65mm and 80mm thickness boards: Predominantly knot free | Front face minimum 90% clear | Back face minimum 80% clear

2. Super Prime One Face

27mm, 33mm & 40mm thickness boards only: Predominantly knot free | Front face minimum 90% clear | Back face allowing unlimited sap and colour distortion

3. Ripped to Width Strips 

Available on request

Grading data

Top quality American Black Walnut lumber, graded to bring the best yield of clear long and wide cuttings that is ideal for high-end joinery.

Width tolerances: 75% 140mm and wider allowing maximum 25% 100mm-140mm.
Kiln tolerances to be: 27mm, 33mm and 40mm: 9-11% m/c, 52mm: 11-13% m/c, 65mm and 80mm: 14-16% m/c.

What our customers say about Brooks Bros Super Prime FSC® Black Walnut

Whilst the initial m3 cost is not cheap, the outstanding quality and much improved yield in the manufacturing process makes it very good value for money and I can rest assured that the finished product will delight my customers. It also matches the Walnut veneered sheet materials very nicely, which is most important to us.

Mr Richard Davonport, Managing Director, Davonport Kitchens Ltd

Davonport Kitchens Ltd specialise in bespoke high-class kitchens and furniture

We have used the Brooks/Florian Super Prime Walnut on several large prestigious door contracts and found the quality to be consistently outstanding with the colour and grain a superb match along side the door leaf veneers.

Alan Gibson, Divisional Procurement Manager

Leaderflush and Shapland Ltd

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