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Red Grandis


Red Grandis is a versatile hardwood (a hybrid of the Eucalyptus Grandis that originates from Eastern Australia) that Brooks Bros sources from responsibly managed FSC Pure certified plantations in Uruguay.

It is a quick-growing tree, purposely planted so it can be cut down safely without distressing other trees and any of the natural plant life that also live on the plantation.

As the trees are grown from 40 to 70 meters in height and harvested after 20 to 30 years of growth, Red Grandis is a net absorber of CO2 and therefore a very ‘green’ timber.

It is a recognised alternative to Cedar wood, with a similar quality to Oak and due to its short growing time, its plantation management, the supply of its high quality planks is available all year round.

red grandis timber


Red Grandis is virtually knot-free (thanks to the above management) which prevents unnecessary waste as well as visual defects showing through finish coatings.


It works well and produces a good surface finish and its dense characteristic means that edges hold up well and it doesn’t wear down as easily as softer timbers.


Typically, it is regarded that Red Grandis products can be expected to last 50 years in external service with recommended maintenance adhered to.


Before treatment, the wood is even in colour with slight pink to rosy tones, making it perfect for paints and stains. Its dimensional stability means it takes to all finishes well.


Red Grandis is the ideal choice for high-end uses that include cladding, deckingfencing, outdoor furniture and paneling.


Its particular strength also makes it the perfect choice for producing accurate and strong joints in door and window frames.


It works well and produces a good surface finish and its dense characteristic means that edges hold up well and it doesn’t wear down as easy as softer timbers.


Red Grandis is available from stock (both rough sawn and as BrooksTech laminated components). it can also be supplied to your specific project needs.


Rough-sawn timber is untreated wood and, where the wood has been cut, it will have an unfinished, ragged surface. It does not undergo any finishing work and our Red Grandis material is available in a range of standard size options:


Brookstech Red Grandis laminated timber is a factory-produced, ‘engineered’ material made by gluing together and clamping accurately machined, defect-free lamellas of the solid timber.

It is a cost-effective, high-performing, alternative to solid wood and is available off-the-shelf in standard sizes and lengths for further machining to door and window sections:

KKK | Multiple laminated layers with finger joints on all lamellas.

DKD | Multiple laminated layers with only finger joints on the hidden

inside lamella, so clear outer faces.


If you don’t see the section you need, please talk to us. We have our own laminating press operation and can produce laminated sections measuring up to 150mm x 900mm x 4.9mts.

For more information about any of our Red Grandis products and/or Brooks Bros’ ‘added value’ services please contact your usual Brooks Bros sales person or your nearest Brooks Bros Sales Office or email:

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