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Red Grandis: the hot off-the-press addition to BrooksTech

red grandis american hardwood
red grandis american hardwood

Yes, we’ve added the species Red Grandis to our list of BrooksTech laminated door and window components.

Red Grandis is a versatile hardwood (a hybrid of the Eucalyptus Grandis that originates from Eastern Australia) that Brooks Bros sources from responsibly managed FSC Pure certified plantations in Uruguay.

It’s a quick-growing tree, purposely planted so it can be cut down safely without distressing other trees and any of the natural plant life that also live on the plantation. It is virtually knot-free (thanks to this management) which prevents unnecessary waste as well as visual defects showing through finish coatings.

It is a recognised alternative to Cedar wood, with a similar quality to Oak, and due to its short growing time, its plantation management, careful harvesting programme, and log processing, the supply of its high-quality planks is available all year round.

Brookstech Laminated Timber Products are factory-produced, ‘engineered’ components made by gluing together and clamping accurately machined, defect-free lamellas of solid timber.

They are off-the-shelf, cost-effective, high-performing, alternatives to solid wood sections. They are supplied in standard sizes and lengths for further machining to door, stair and window sections.

You can check through our in-stock items at Brookstech If you don’t see the section you need, please talk to us. We have our own laminating press operation and can produce laminated timber sections measuring up to 150mm x 900mm x 4.9 mts.  

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