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Shou Sugi Ban®

‘Shou Sugi Ban’ is a proprietary product based on the Japanese ‘Yakisugi’ principle, a centuries old technique of ‘charring’ Japanese Cypress/Cedar (Sugi) planks to safeguard the timber against rot and insect attack.

Production of Shou-Sugi-Ban® started in the UK in 2008 and has been developed to create natural and truly unique finishes on a number of timbers used today mainly for cladding, residential siding, fencing and decking.

Over recent years Brooks Bros has invested massively (and continues to do so) in the very latest woodworking technology to be able to offer unrivalled in-house technical services taking supplying timber and timber related products several steps further, in order to deliver customers’ requirements efficiently and competitively.


The carbon layer created as a result of the charring process preserves the timber and makes it more resistant to rot, fire and insect attack. This also depends on which finish is specified.


Already beautiful timbers can be made to look exceptional. Choose from: Douglas Fir, Kebony, Oak, Siberian Larch and Western Red Cedar.


From a traditional, highly charred fragile look to sleek and contemporary brushed finishes Shou Sugi Ban offers a variety of finishes and textures for both interior and exterior use that will turn a project from ordinary to spectacular.


Shou Sugi Ban charred timber cladding is custom made to order: finished exactly as you want it, machined to any standard or a bespoke profile and delivered as you need it.

If you’re uncertain as to what to expect, contact your nearest Brooks Bros (UK) Sales Office and we’ll help you understand the product and how best to use them.


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