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Timber Veneered Boards

What is a veneer?

Slicing techniques

Crown Cut

The slicing is made parallel to the line through the centre of the log creating straight grain and ‘cathedral-like’ patterns.

Crown Cut sheet materials

Quarter Cut

Logs are sawn into quarters and slicing occurs roughly parallel to the radius line through the log segment creating a varying series of stripes.

quarter cut sheet materials

Rotary Cut

Like unwinding a roll of paper slicing is achieved when the log is centre–mounted and ‘peeled’ creating a bold/random pattern.

quarter cut sheet materials

Jointing techniques

Book Matched

Traditional form of matching by positioning successive leaves of veneer to create a symmetrically balanced pattern of grain and figure.

Slip Matched

Techinique preferred when then final board is to be stained to maintain a consistent colour across the full board.

slip matched veneer

Random Matched

Veneers are jointed together in random fashion to give an appearance of individual solid wood boards.

Random matched veneer

In this section

Sheet Materials

brooks bros sheet materials brochure

Sheet Materials Brochure

Standard Range

A range of real wood crown cut veneers on an MDF core (some veneers are available on moisture-resistant MDF, block board & plywood). 0.6mm x 2440mm x 1220mm paper backed veneers are also available in both Oak & Walnut from stock, other species available on request.”

The veneers are of excellent quality and the boards are commercial grade A/B, suitable for a range of uses including interior wall panelling, furniture manufacture and shop-fitting. We also offer a made-to-order service using other substrates including chipboard and Birch plywood.

Sizes: 2440mm and 3050mm | Width 1220mm |  Thicknesses 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 19mm and 26mm


Availability:from stock held at our Maldon, Nottingham and Skelmersdale sites


Further details, costs and delivery schedules: Contact your usual/nearest Brooks Bros Sales Office

Edge Banding

We offer real wood veneer edgings to match your veneered boards in both pre-glued and unglued for either factory or iron on application

Looking for something a bit different?

Check out our SPECIAL RANGE

Special Range

These products offer a range of premium veneered boards including meticulously selected veneers creating a superior look, textured veneers on one face – perfect for furniture fronts, wall panelling & accent applications, and plus grade veneers on a variety of core boards.

Studio natur

(Board sizes: 19mm x 2440mm x 1220mm)

Studio natur


This mix of crown and quarter cut Oak makes this veneer very easy on the eye. Having no repeating crown, it is less busy and gives the furniture a more natural, made from real timber look.
Studio natur


This mix-match quarter cut gives a very straight grain to this Oak veneer. With no medullary ray on the A face, no crown and a run of sequence matched boards. Rigato Oak is the perfect choice for a natural Oak look. Guaranteed long sequences for the most demanding cladding or furniture applications.
Studio natur


The solid appearance of this Oak includes sound knots and colour contrasts and a mismatched structure that allows the creation of rustic spaces.
Studio natur


Aged grey tones of Oak veneers with cracks and open knots are laid over a black background giving an aged recycled look.
Studio natur


A careful selection of crown and quarter cut gives this Walnut veneer its elegant design. After Oak, Walnut is the most popular veneer with its beautiful contrast of dark and light.

Fibranatur EZ TEX

(Boards sizes 19m x 3000mm x1220mm)

These are Oak veneered MDF boards with a textured finish on one face.

Fibranatur EZ TEX


Quarter cut rived Oak mesh effect.
Fibranatur EZ TEX


Curved oak veneer panel.
Fibranatur EZ TEX


Rustic look with natural knots.

Finsa Special Cores and Qualities

(Board sizes: 19mm x 2440mm x 1220mm)

This range of products is a selection of veneered MDF boards available on a variety of special core boards.

hidrofugo mdf boards Special Sheet Material
Finsa Special Cores and Qualities


These boards are a select grade A/B oak veneer on a high performance MR Hidrofugo board.
SELECT OAK BLACK brooks bros mdf boards
Finsa Special Cores and Qualities


These boards are the same select grade A/B Oak veneer but laid onto a black throughout MDF board. Perfect for CNC routing and leaving the contrasting black core exposed as a design feature.
SELECT OAK FR brooks bros mdf boards
Finsa Special Cores and Qualities


This board uses the same select grade A/B Oak but then veneered onto a fire retardant MDF sheet giving class C flame resistance.
SELECT PLUS GRADE OAK brooks bros mdf boards
Finsa Special Cores and Qualities


Plus grade Oak uses an A+ grade face and B grade reverse Oak veneer laid onto a standard MDF board. This veneer gives a much more uniform colour with a well-defined balanced structure.




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