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Door Blanks

As part of its ‘complete timber service’ Brooks Bros stocks a range of high quality, fire-rated and tested blanks for both internal and external use from the industry’s leading suppliers: Halspan and Flamebreak
Brooks Bros Door Blanks
Brooks Bros Door Blanks
Brooks Bros Door Blanks

INTERNAL | Halspan Optima Fire Rated Door Blanks

These are internal fire door blanks that feature Halspan’s unique 3-layer, long grain, wood chip particle board core to enhance its screw holding properties with two deck layers of high density fine wood chips suitable for finishing with veneer, high pressure laminate, PVC or paint. They are blanks of excellent quality, strength and overall performance 

Timber brooks bros door blanks

Optima FD30 44mm

General Properties:

Optima FD60 54mm

General Properties:

EXTERNAL | Flamebreak Fire Rated Fire Door Blanks

These external door blanks feature hardwood plywood faces, bonded to a three layer tri-laminated hardwood lumber core with hardwood framing. Their lightweight core allows for easy machining, conversion and fabrication into door sets. They are supplied un-lipped or lipped and are perfect for veneer, laminate or painted finishing.
external timber door blanks
Brooks Bros Door Blanks Brochure

Door Blanks Brochure

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brooks bros sheet materials brochure

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