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Pre-finishing & Treatments

Brooks Bros offers a number of pre-delivery applied treatments: decorative, preservative, and intumescent timber treatments for both interior and external cladding projects. As with other aspects of the specifying process Brooks Bros’ expertise and considerable know-how is available to guide through this important ‘finishing’ phase of cladding. For details of all available finishes and treatments please call your Brooks Bros contact or your nearest Brooks Bros Sales Office.


Like water off a duck’s back, Brooks TimberSeal is a water repelling wood sealer that protects untreated and restored wood.

It can be factory applied in our audited and manufacturer approved finishing shop and is also available in 5litre tins for self-application.

Brooks TimberSeal is a solvent free, water-based sealant that combines fluoro/acrylic resins and the latest nano-technology to penetrate the wood’s fibres, rendering them completely waterproof and resistant to stains (even greasy ones) without affecting the structure of the wood (veins/fibres).

It creates an invisible seal that causes water to bead-up and run off giving protection against all weather conditions, dirt and stains. Plus, it restricts the appearance of moss and lichen on surfaces and also helps prevent decay.

It can also be used indoors to help retain the natural aspect of the wood.

decorative finishes

pre-finishing timber cladding

Decorative coatings (both translucent and opaque) provide timber cladding with a protective layer that insulates the surface and provides structural stability while at the same time, enhancing aesthetics. Brooks Bros pre-treats in its own finishing plants and supplies both internal and external cladding coatings with low film build from leading specialist brands that include Morrells, Sikkens, Teknos and Osmo.

slow weathering treatment

untreated slow weathering treatment

Sioo Wood Protection uses silicon technology to provide highly effective and proven protection for timber. By mirroring the natural ageing process and accelerating the creation of the silver-grey appearance it provides long life protection in an environmentally friendly way. It resists the formation of algae and black spore (particularly on resinous timbers such as Larch, Cedar and Oak). It reinforces and strengthens the surface of the cladding and is long lasting with minimal maintenance requirement. This technique also works very well with Thermowood.

Intumescent coatings

treated intumescent coatings

These finishes are a relatively new development in timber cladding finishing. Brooks Bros provides this service based only on a client’s recommendation as a water-based option for internal applications.

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Brooks Bros Cladding Brochure

Cladding Brochure

Shou-Sugi-Ban® (Charred Timber Cladding)

Shou-Sugi-Ban® is a modern technique developed in the UK by timber specialists to create natural and truly unique finishes for Architectural projects. Biophilic design is becoming more popular for interior and exterior design and these charred timber products fit the brief, they are bespoke and provide a variety of finished surfaces.

Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber cladding is custom made to order: finished exactly as you want it, machined to any standard or a bespoke profile and delivered as you need it.

Already beautiful timbers can be made to look exceptional. Choose from: Kebony® Douglas Fir, Oak, Siberian Larch; Western Red Cedar is also used.

burnt timber cladding
pre-finished shou-gi ban

If you’re uncertain as to what to expect, contact your nearest Brooks Bros (UK) Sales Office and we’ll help you understand the product and how best to use them.





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Brooks Bros Cladding Brochure

Cladding Brochure

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