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Pre-finishing & Treatments

Brooks Bros offers decorative and preservative, pre-delivery applied treatments for both interior and external cladding projects. As with other aspects of the specifying process Brooks Bros’ expertise and considerable know-how is available to guide through this important ‘finishing’ phase of cladding. For details of all available finishes and treatments please call your Brooks Bros contact or your nearest Brooks Bros Sales Office.

decorative finishes

Decorative coatings (both translucent and opaque) provide timber cladding with a protective layer that insulates the surface and provides structural stability while at the same time, enhancing aesthetics. Brooks Bros pre-treats in its own finishing plants and supplies both internal and external cladding coatings with low film build from leading specialist brands that include Morrells, Sikkens, Teknos, Osmo, Owatrol, Anker Stuy and Sioo:X.

accelerated weathering treatment

Sioo Wood Protection AB are leaders in wood protection using silicon technology to provide the highly effective proven SiOO:X system. It enhances the performance of many wood types in above ground applications giving long life, a beautiful natural surface and is friendly to people and the environment.

By mirroring the natural ageing process and accelerating the creation of the silver-grey appearance Sioo Wood provides long life protection in an environmentally friendly way. As well as resisting the formation of algae and black spore it also reinforces and strengthens the surface of the timber and is long lasting with minimal maintenance requirement.

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Brooks Bros Cladding Brochure

Cladding Brochure

Shou-Sugi-Ban® (Charred Timber)

Shou Sugi Ban® is based on the traditional Japanese Yakisugi technique of preserving timber through controlled charring. The process creates a stunning, tactile and long-lasting finish.
Production of Shou Sugi Ban® started in the UK in 2008 and has been developed to create natural and truly unique finishes for cladding, residential siding, fencing and decking timbers.
Over recent years, Brooks Bros has continuously invested in the latest woodworking technology to be able to offer unrivalled in-house technical services. We take supplying timber and timberrelated products several steps further, to deliver customers’ requirements efficiently and competitively.


Controlled charring creates a protective carbon layer which naturally provides the timber with resistance to rot, fire and insect attack. The traditional yakisugi style results in a dark black crackled effect, however, the Shou Sugi Ban® range includes lighter tones. In addition, brushing is used to produce smooth or enhanced grain finishes.


Already beautiful timbers can be made to look exceptional. Choose from: Douglas Fir, Kebony®, Yukari, Western Red Cedar and Oak.


The traditional yakisugi style results in a dark black crackled effect, however, the Shou Sugi Ban® range offers sleek and contemporary brushed finishes. Suitable for interior and exterior use, this timber turns a project from ordinary to spectacular.


Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber cladding is custom made to order: finished to your specification, machined to standard or bespoke profiles and delivered.

burnblock® fire retardant

Brooks Bros (alongside Belfast based timber impregnation specialists HALT Natural Fire Retardant*) provides a timber treatment process utilising Burnblock®, an environmentally friendly, natural fire retardant suitable for both internal and external timbers that contains only natural ingredients combined in a patented formula.
All the treated, timber products that Brooks Bros offers have been independently tested and certified in accordance with EN13501. Under AVCP-1, it is mandatory that a Notified Body is involved in each step of the testing and classification process. So you can be sure that any product we offer is fully compliant and tested in accordance with end-use application.

the treatment process

The innovative CE and UKCA certificated timber treatment process produces fully compliant wood and wood-based panels suitable for construction. The treatment process effectively prevents oxygen from reaching the treated material – which is one of the three elements for ignition and continuance – so without oxygen – no fire! Following the treatment process, treated timber is proven to effectively extend the length of time between ignition and flash point, giving more time for people to escape from a fire.

Timber treated with Burnblock® achieves the highest European fire safety rating: B-s1,d0.

standard fire treated profiles

BB20 fire treated cladding profile
BB20 18mm x 90mm
BB21 fire treated cladding profile

BB21 18mm x 140mm

BB22 fire treated cladding profile

BB22 18mm x 140mm

BB23 fire treated cladding profile

BB23 18mm x 90mm

BB24 18mm x 140mm

BB25 18mm x 140mm





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Brooks Bros Cladding Brochure

Cladding Brochure

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