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Matching Passions

Brooks Bros has a passion for timber. Sikkens has a passion for perfection.
Brooks Bros is one the UK’s leading timber suppliers. Sikkens is part of Akzo Nobel, the largest global paint and coatings company, dedicated to ensuring its products achieve top results for customers.
Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings recently conducted an audit, on behalf of Sikkens, of the finishing operation at the Brooks Bros Nottingham branch. Its findings were as follows:

We found the facilities at Brooks Brothers (Nottingham) to be of a very high standard and would recommend them as a company that produces high quality coated timber for the wider market.

On completion of our visit on Wednesday February 21st this year, we noted the plant was very clean and efficient from storage of raw materials to finished goods.

They have good working practices in place with Health and Safety being prioritised throughout each stage of manufacture.

We are confident that all our products will be used as directed and that all our standards will be maintained during the coating process.

We oversaw the first stage of coating (WP567BPD), which was to be followed by the washout process, prior to second and third coat application, using Cetol WF9810-46-25 (Dark Night)’.

– Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings confirmed it was a satisfactory audit and everything was in-line with their requirements and were happy for Brooks Bros to name its Nottingham branch a Sikkens Approved Applicator.
– Brooks Bros operates 12 finishing lines across its UK branches (Maldon, Danbury, Nottingham, Skelmersdale and Sewstern). For further information about our ‘added value’ services, that also include kiln drying (19 modern kilns), preservative and flame retardant treatments, laminating, machining, moulding, sawing and tool making, check out our website: or contact: 

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