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“Like water off a duck’s back”

Brooks TimberSeal
Brooks TimberSeal

That’s what one of our customers said about Brooks TimberSeal!

So “like water off a duck’s back” Brooks TimberSeal is a water repelling, wood sealer that protects untreated and restored wood.

It can be factory applied in our audited and manufacturer approved finishing shop and is also available in 5litre tins for self-application.

Brooks TimberSeal is a solvent free, water-based sealant that combines fluoro/acrylic resins and the latest nano-technology to penetrate the wood’s fibres, rendering them completely waterproof and resistant to stains (even greasy ones) without affecting the structure of the wood (veins/fibres).

Brooks TimberSeal creates an invisible seal that causes water to bead-up and run off giving protection against all weather conditions, dirt and stains. It also restricts the appearance of moss and lichen on surfaces and helps prevent decay. Plus, it can also be used indoors to help retain the natural aspect of the wood.

Interested? Then please contact: for price and availability details or call Colin Bennett on 07775 95245

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