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Hitting all the right notes- Silvadec & Brooks Bros

Brooks Bros and Silvadec
Brooks Bros and Silvadec

First, sustainable development aspects are purely and simply part of the Silvadec DNA. These recyclable composite decking boards are made from wood chips and finely ground sawdust sourced from local sawmills, combined with virgin or recycled polymer. So it should tick all boxes as regards environmental responsibility.

Next, when it comes to defining “rot-resistance”, Silvadec’s 25-year-guarantee speaks for itself. A high-quality, sustainable product that is easy to clean, robust and built to last … thanks to its unique formulation.

Then there’s choice. Both brushed ‘Atmosphere’ and grooved ‘Elegance’ boards offer a variety of colours, original finishes, and size options which have also been awarded the highest classification of R13 for slip resistance.

Add to these its pedigree. Silvadec boards grace the exteriors of international landmarks like the Hôtel Prince de Galles in Paris, Barcelona Airport, and the decking high up on Montparnasse Tower.

So to sum up, Silvadec decking, fences and cladding opens the scope of possibilities, giving you the power to create the solution that’s right for your next project and is perfectly tailored to suit any outdoor location.

To find out more about Silvadec decking contact your nearest/usual Brooks Bros Sales Office or check out the latest Silvadec literature.

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