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Careers at Brooks Timber

Brooks Bros is one of the biggest Timber Importers in the UK and its constant development means we have a lot of job openings up for grabs. We are looking for hard working individuals who are eager to make their mark and help the company on its journey to push forward and continue to grow.

As part of this drive, we’ve focused on making the job application process as simple as possible through our website. We’ve invested time and resources into making the experience stress free and intuitive for the applicant. We wanted a familiar feel, where users are able to submit their CV straight through the website without having to use a mail client tool. Simplifying the journey is a necessary course of action as it’s easy to lose interest at the first hurdle by overcomplicating the submission process.

We are pleased with the traction we’ve gained from this development and can’t wait for some fresh, bright minded additions to the team. We are dedicated to the recruitment of quality employees and expanding our workforce.

We currently have 5 depots dotted around the country with positions constantly opening up at each of them. With our wide array of roles and well situated branches, any job hunter is sure to find something well suited to them.

Please see our careers page here

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