Brooks Bros offers a number of pre-delivery applied treatments: decorative, preservative, intumescent and fire retardant timber treatments for both interior and external cladding projects. As with other aspects of the specifying process Brooks Bros’ expertise and considerable know-how is available to guide through this important ‘finishing’ phase of cladding. For details of all available finishes and treatments please call your Brooks Bros contact or your nearest Brooks Bros Sales Office (see contact us).

decorative finishes

Decorative coatings (both translucent and opaque) provide timber cladding with a protective layer that insulates the surface and provides structural stability while at the same time, enhancing aesthetics. Brooks Bros pre-treats in its own finishing plants and supplies both internal and external cladding coatings with low film build from leading specialist brands that include Morrells, Sikkens, Teknos and Osmo.

products and services
slow weathering treatment

Sioo Wood Protection uses silicon technology to provide highly effective and proven protection for timber. By mirroring the natural ageing process and accelerating the creation of the silver-grey appearance it provides long life protection in an environmentally friendly way. It resists the formation of algae and black spore (particularly on resinous timbers such as Larch, Cedar and Oak). It reinforces and strengthens the surface of the cladding and is long lasting with minimal maintenance requirement. This technique also works very well with Thermowood.

intumescent and
fire retardant coatings

These finishes are a relatively new development in timber cladding finishing. Brooks Bros provides this service based only on a client’s recommendation as a water-based option for internal applications.

shou sugi ban (burnt timber)

This is a traditional Japanese method of preserving timber, where the cladding is burned just enough to create a surface layer of char. The timber can be oiled after the charring to give extra protection and enhance the aesthetics. As charring creates charcoal deposits, caution needs to be taken when specifying this treatment for cladding exposed to the elements – especially rain wash-off and direct contact as rubbing against the cladding will leave charcoal deposits).

decay treatments

For non-durable cladding used externally (or exposed to the elements) Brooks Bros offers pressure-impregnated treatments that help protect against termite damage and fungal decay. Using finishes from leading, recognised manufacturers like Tanalith E, Wolmanit and Koppers-Osmose (MicroPro and MicroShades) these treatments give Class 1 durability in accordance with EN 350-1 and EN 335-1. Other specific pressure treatments are available on request.

BS EN335

1 Above ground and covered. Permanently dry, insect risk

2A Above ground and covered. Occasional risk of wetting

3A Above ground and coated. Exposed to frequent wetting

3B Above ground and uncoated. Exposed to frequent wetting

fire pressure
retardant treatment

To provide this service Brooks Bros works with a number of approved specialists, using commercially proven global fire retardant brands like Lonza ATP, DRICON, NON-COM Exterior, Fire X and Fire Pro. These systems have been tested to BS EN 13501-1:2002 Fire classification of construction products and building elements to Euro Class B or C and/or BS 476 Part 7 Surface Spread of Flame of Products.

Note: It is important that you seek all the relevant product data and suitability on the end use application as Brooks Bros cannot CE Mark any enhanced fire retardant products.